JobCopilot: Auto-Apply to Jobs

On a Mission to Empower Job Seekers

Our Team

Building useful innovative products is our core principle.

We are a team of entrepreneurs who previously ran job sites and recruitment companies. We understand the needs of job seekers and the expectations of hiring managers. We built award winning innovative jobtech products in the past and continue on that trend.


Revolutionizing Job Search

In 2024, people shouldn’t have to spend hours each week looking for jobs, a robot can do that and can do it better!

Searching and applying for jobs hasn’t changed much from the first career sites and jobs boards of the early 2000s.

Most career sites and job boards today still require you to fill in repetitive application forms even though you already uploaded your CV. And it’s the same information you need to constantly copy paste from site to site.

It’s time-consuming, boring and unnecessary.

With the advancements in AI and technology, we knew it was possible today to build smart robots that can apply to jobs on your behalf.

We built the first iterations of the Job Application Copilot for the job seekers on our job sites and immediately got positive feedback from our users.

We decided it was time to revolutionize the job search and spend 100% of our time building a product that empowers job seekers to get jobs automatically while gaining back their valuable time. 

Employers use AI, so should you

We believe that using AI to automate manual tasks should be a universal right.

Employers have been using smart technology and AI for almost 10 years to automate their processes and filter applicants automatically.

It’s about time job seekers made use of these technologies to help themselves and make their lives better.

The smart copilot that we have built really applies to jobs and fills in application forms just like you would (if not better). It does not answer screening questions like a robot, it answers like a human would.

Using AI is not cheating on an job application, it’s simply helping you automate something you would have done manually – embrace it!