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Questions on Job Search Automation

Yes, you can customize the job search criteria by selecting job titles, excluding certain company names, including targeted keywords in the job descriptions, and filtering by job type, location, remote work, seniority, and salary range.

Yes, you can configure your copilot to include remote jobs or to search ONLY remote jobs.

Yes, you can exclude up to 20 companies from the job search.

Currently, you cannot directly filter jobs by industry, but we are working on this feature for a future version. However, you can filter by using keywords in the job description.

For example, if you are looking for Project Manager positions in the Logistics industry, you can configure your copilot to search for “Project Manager” job titles where the job description must include the word “Logistics.” If the job description does not contain “Logistics,” it will not be saved by your copilot.

Our JobCopilot currently searches over 50,000 company career pages. This list grows every week.

Yes, you can use any keywords in any language when searching for jobs. You are not limited to the keywords suggested by the autocomplete feature. Even if the keyword you type does not have an autocomplete suggestion, the copilot will still search for the keywords you entered.

Yes you can edit the configuration of your copilots to change your job search criteria

Yes you can. Each copilot can search up to 3 different job titles and you can create up to 3 copilots (with an Elite plan). So you can run a total of 9 automated job searches simultaneously.

Yes, each copilot can look for jobs in one country – or search for any remote job globally.

You can create up to 3 copilots, so each JobCopilot account would allow you to search jobs in 3 countries simultaneously (or to search remote jobs globally).

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