JobCopilot: Auto-Apply to Jobs

Add a new Revenue Channel to your website

And improve user experience and retention

Successfuly boosting revenues for

The Problem

Most marketplaces don’t maximize their user revenue potential

Revenue Channels

During economic downturns, revenue generated from Listings and Pay-per-Click tends to decline.
Advertising revenue is itself dependent on volatile cycles and frequent changes in Google algorithms.

The Solution

JobCopilot enables you to earn recurring revenue by offering your users a unique product that solves their problem

Focus on what you do best while we do the rest.

You keep driving traffic to your job site, and when some of those users subscribe to JobCopilot, we’ll share the revenue generated.

How It Works

Add JobCopilot to your website, branded with your logo and colors

Users subscribe to enhance their job search

Receive monthly recurring revenue from your users

Benefits for Websites



Create a new revenue stream from your existing user traffic.
Better solve your users’ job search problems, further improving your job site’s value and stickiness



Better navigate economic downturns with an inversely correlated revenue stream – when economic activity slows down, then more people are looking for jobs


Easy Setup

No need to invest time or capital into technical resources and customer support, nor even change your focus on driving user traffic – simply plug and play

Benefits for your Users

job applications

Automate Job Applications

JobCopilot automates job search and job applications on behalf of users.

No more hours wasted filling up application forms manually!

job application tracker

Track Job Applications

Users can easily view and manage the status of jobs applied by JobCopilot on a kanban-style interface

CV writer

AI Writer Tools

JobCopilot comes with a suite of AI writer tools to help job seekers improve their CVs, cover letters, interview answers, etc


Job Copilot brings an additional revenue channel to your job site by effectively monetizing your job seekers.

It’s a way to earn stable income even during periods of economic downturn.

Moreover the Job Copilot enhances the job search experience on your job site, thereby increasing the stickiness and retention of your users.

Job Copilot works on a revenue share basis. For each user that subscribes to Job Copilot on your site, the revenue is split. There are no setup costs.

You will have access to a client analytics dashboard on which you can monitor all your users who subscribe to Job Copilot.

At the start of each month, the total revenue generated from your users in the previous month is tallied up and transferred to your bank account within 30 days (30 days payments terms).

Absolutely, you can add your own logo, favicon and color scheme to create a seamless experience for your users.

Not at all, our objective is to make Job Copilot as plug-and-play as possible so it can be used by any job site large or small, with or without a tech team. Our team will be guiding you through the setup process.

Our team will handle any user issues or complaints related to the copilot. Job Seekers have a “report issue” button on the copilot dashboard that they can use to get in touch with our team.

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