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Tired of filling in job applications? 
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What your Job Application Copilot does for you

Looks for new jobs posted every day on 50,000+ company pages

Filters jobs according to your job search requirements

Automatically fills in application forms on your behalf

Saves all auto-applied jobs on your Application Tracker

Why automate your job applications?

Competitive Benefits

Automate job applications with JobCopilot to advance your career growth
Automate job applications with JobCopilot to relieve stress

Personal Benefits

Don't try to do it all on your own

Effective job searching requires both applying to listed jobs and networking for unlisted ones. Most people don’t have the time to excel at both.

Let JobCopilot handle the searching and applying, so you can focus on networking.

Easy to Configure

Easily configure job search and application automation
Automate job applications with JobCopilot

How Automated Applications Work


Questions on Job Application Automation

Absolutely! They are essentially the same as if you would do the application process manually, except the person doing the applying isn’t you but your AI copilot. It helps you be more productive and efficient. You are able to send a much greater number of applications than you would be able to manually.

This is entirely defined by you. You are able to configure and narrow down the job search so that your copilot only applies to a few very relevant jobs. However if your objective is to mass-apply then you can keep your job search very generic.

With the Premium version, your copilot can auto-apply to up to 20 jobs per day. The Elite version increases this limit to up to 50 jobs per day.

Yes you can easily create a list of company names to be excluded from auto-apply.

During the initial setup, you’ll upload your CV and answer standard screening questions. Your copilot then understands the various questions and fields on official application forms. It auto-fills accurate responses based on your initial information, generating human-like text answers directly related to the data you provided. It does not invent information about you.

The resume used is the one you upload to your copilot.
To use different resumes for different job searches, you can create multiple copilots.
Each copilot will use the resume you uploaded to automatically apply for all jobs that match the criteria of that copilot.

No the copilot does not automatically tailor your resume for each job, so it is advisable to use a resume that is relevant to the jobs you are targeting for each copilot.

When configuring your copilot, you will be asked to upload your resume as well as answer a series of commonly asked screening questions. As long as your resume is detailed, then the copilot AI will be able to read all the information it needs to accurately complete all screening questions on application forms on your behalf.

No, the company career pages do not require a user account to be created to apply for jobs. They need an application form to be filled in with your information and CV uploaded, which is what your AI job copilot takes care of.

Yes your application copilot uses your personal information and contact details to fill in application forms so the employer will know it’s you who submitted it.

If you are shortlisted for an interview, you will be contacted directly by employers, either on your email or mobile number, both of which you submitted as part of the copilot configuration.

Most job application forms require you to enter your last salary and expected salary. However if you prefer not to disclose this information, you can simply enter “1” in the salary fields.
This ensures the copilot can successfully complete application forms when it comes across a mandatory salary input field.

Yes, when entering job title keywords, you can use any language. Your application copilot will then search for jobs that match these keywords.

Yes, using AI to automate job applications is ethical. It simply helps you automate repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on networking and other strategic aspects of your job search. The AI answers screening questions as a human would, not like a robot.

Refunds, including partial refunds, may be offered in cases deemed appropriate by the JobCopilot team, such as when technical problems prevent users from properly using the tool. In the case of technical issues, the JobCopilot team may also extend the usage period of the tool to compensate for any inconvenience.

“I love filling in job application forms”

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