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What is Jobsolv?

Jobsolv presents an all-in-one AI tool for automated job search, resume customization, and seamless job applications. With a single click, users can tailor their resumes to optimize skills and experience for each application, saving time and increasing interview prospects. Exclusive access to high-paying remote and hybrid positions from companies like Netflix, Google, and Microsoft streamlines the job hunt process.

Key Features


Jobsolv Pricing


The credit system allows users to tailor resumes and submit job applications using credits. Each action requires 1 credit, and applying for a job with a customized resume costs 2 credits in total.

Jobsolv focuses on high-paying remote and hybrid roles, providing access to exclusive job listings from top companies and ensuring users can find positions that offer both a competitive salary and work flexibility.

Yes, Jobsolv’s Signature service includes a 30-day interview guarantee. If a user doesn’t secure an interview within 30 days, Jobsolv will continue to provide services at no additional charge until they do.

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