JobCopilot: Auto-Apply to Jobs

What is JobCopilot?

JobCopilot is an advanced AI-driven platform designed to streamline and speed up your job search process. By automating job applications and providing personalized resume and cover letter builders, JobCopilot helps you stand out in the competitive job market.

The platform leverages AI to match your profile with relevant job opportunities, ensuring you never miss out on potential openings.

JobCopilot also offers tools for interview preparation and application tracking, making your job search efficient and effective. Experience a smarter way to find your next job with JobCopilot.

Key Features


JobCopilot Pricing


JobCopilot is a service that automates the job application process by finding relevant jobs and filling in applications on behalf of the user.

Users tell JobCopilot their job preferences using filters and options, upload their resume, and answer screening questions once. The service then applies to up to 50 jobs per day for the user.

The service includes automatic daily job searches, application submissions, a dashboard to track application progress, AI-assisted resume rewriting, and cover letter generation.

Yes, users can configure JobCopilot to apply only to desired jobs using multiple filters and can instruct it to skip jobs that do not match their profile.

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